What’s on TV from across the Group

Putin vs The West: At War

Putin’s invasion stuns the world, testing the resolve of western presidents and prime ministers, who must decide how far to go in backing Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine.

Paul Black: Under the Influence

Social media star Paul Black hands his influencing powers to his followers, taking on a series of wild challenges that ultimately lead to an arm-wrestling showdown with Michelle McManus.

Rob & Rylan’s Grand Tour

Know your art from your elbow. Rob and Rylan set off on the original package holiday, discovering Italy’s greatest art treasures. Will this epic adventure be the restart they need?

Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling

Best buds Martin Compston and Phil MacHugh are back on the road enjoying a fling in the fjords. They visit Scotland’s Scandi neighbour for death metal, reindeer, vikings and more.

Deborah James: Bowelbabe in Her Own Words

From living with incurable bowel cancer, to receiving a damehood, to her untimely death, this archive-based feature documentary details the extraordinary last five years of Deborah James’s life.

Darren McGarvey – The State We’re In

With privileged access to hospitals, schools and prisons, writer and rapper Darren McGarvey takes an unflinching look at the UK’s public services.

Blackadder: The Lost Pilot

Sir Tony Robinson takes a journey back in time to find out where Blackadder really began, and to uncover the story of the previously-unseen pilot episode.

Sunday Morning Live

Start Sunday off with the big talking points of the week, with comments from around the UK and instant audience reaction.

Putin vs the West: Path To War

From the 2014 seizure of Crimea to the invasion of Ukraine, this is the inside story – as told by the Western leaders who traded blows with Putin’s Russia.

Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun 2023

Fun documentary catching up with Britons who’ve moved for sun and a low-cost life.

Gender Wars

Sex and gender are at the heart of one of the most polarising issues of our times. With views from various sides of the debate, is there an end in sight to the conflict?

Get Your Eurovision On

Scott Mills and Natalie Cassidy celebrate the songs, stars, and sensations from Europe’s biggest party.

Dr Xand’s Con or Cure

The facts, not the fakes, about your health with Dr Xand van Tulleken and Ashley John-Baptiste. From social media scams to health scares, they shine a light on bad medicine. Series 2 coming soon.

The Fifty Years War: Israel and the Arabs

Award-winning film-maker Norma Percy looks back on her acclaimed 1998 documentary series The Fifty Years War: Israel and the Arabs.

Spooked Ireland

Vogue Williams invites American medium Chris Fleming and his team to investigate a spike in paranormal activity across Ireland.

Inside Obama’s White House – 100 Days

The story of how Barack Obama tried to reshape America. A month after his victory, Obama discovered America was on the verge of a great depression.

Bargain-Loving Brits by the Sea

This warm and funny observational series charts the lives of the people who work hard behind the scenes to ensure holiday makers have the time of their lives.

Bomb and the Ballot Box – Endgame in Ireland, Series 1

In 1981, Bobby Sands won a seat at Westminster, starting the endgame in Northern Ireland.

Reflections at the Quay Easter

A familiar mix of words and music, with Celtic Worship in Glasgow, Joshua Aina in Aberdeen and National Youth Choirs of Scotland, Unoma Okudo and the Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh. 

My Backyard – Path to War

When Putin first invades Crimea in 2014, the west is divided. Starting with demonstrations in Kyiv, this is the story of the fraught phone calls and summits that followed.

Street Gangs

Best-selling author and ex-gang member Graeme Armstrong travels to forgotten areas of Scotland to shine a light on the allure of gang life.

Junior Doctors: Life on the Wards

First year junior doctors embark on their careers at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, one of Europe’s biggest teaching hospitals. 

Critical Incident, Series 4

Risking their lives to save others – and sometimes becoming the victims themselves. Bodycams and CCTV provide jaw-dropping footage of 999ers in the thick of it.

Inside Europe: Ten Years of Turmoil, Series 1 – We Quit

The inside story of how David Cameron tried – and failed – to tackle the Europe question.

Inside Museums: Istanbul

Join art critic Alastair Sooke on a journey of discovery to the world’s most inspiring museums. This time in Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul, as he explores the recently built new home of Istanbul Modern.

General Assembly 2023

Sheena McDonald presents highlights of the debates of 850 ministers and elders at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. 

Special Ops: Crime Squad UK, Series 3

This gritty and factual series is an exploration into the heart of modern-day policing, following the investigative work of various specialist units within UK police forces.

Back From the Brink

Libby Penman showcases the amazing work of conservationists fighting to save wildlife across Europe.

Giving it Stick

Documentary showcasing the game of shinty and the Highland communities that play it.

Grand Tours of Scotland’s Rivers, Series 2

Paul explores the Upper Dee, from the Cairngorm mountains to Balmoral castle and Royal Deeside and learns about a lost German zeppelin.

David Wilson’s Crime Files: Scams & Scandals

David Wilson investigates stories of audacious imposters, explores how deep fakes are creating new opportunities for large scale fraud, and meets a deepfake version of himself.

Scotland’s Sacred Islands with Ben Fogle

Adventurer Ben Fogle is on a very personal pilgrimage. Travelling across Scotland’s remotest islands, he discovers that their spiritual legacy still resonates.

The Iraq War – Regime Change

How did the US and Britain become convinced that Saddam possessed WMDs?

Inside Museums: Doha

Alastair Sooke goes on a journey of discovery to the world’s most inspiring museums. He is in Doha, capital of the Gulf state of Qatar, to explore the Museum of Islamic Art.

Cuba: Castro vs the World, Series 1 – The Armed Struggle

Spies, revolutionaries and diplomats reveal the secrets of how Cuba challenged the world.

Putin, Russia and the West – Taking Control

2001: Putin gives a prophetic warning about Pakistan, Afghanistan  and the Taliban.

Grand Tours of Scotland’s Rivers, Series 3

The River Irvine in Ayrshire is the hidden gem explored. From its source close to Loudoun Hill, Paul follows the river to the town of Irvine and the sea. 

Beechgrove Garden

Celebrating the great Scottish garden. Tips and advice to get the most out of your garden, with inspirational ideas from Scotland’s most beautiful green spaces.

Shakespeare’s First Folio

The extraordinary story of how, 400 years ago, two actors and friends of William Shakespeare took on the task of saving his work for posterity in one book.