Marjorie Blake-Convey

Marjorie, affectionately known as Blakey, is CEO of The Edge Picture Company and has been part of the Zinc Media Group’s SMT since The Edge was acquired in August 2022. Blakey joined The Edge’s management team in 1997 following a spell as a consultant. She has since led the company’s business strategy, financial operations, culture, and expansion. She is involved in all aspects of The Edge’s work as well as being a driving force in fostering the company’s familial, friendly, caring culture and leading its DEI initiatives. 

Previously, Blakey worked with KPMG, PwC, Harrods, and Saatchi & Saatchi, and a major UK independent television production house (now Celador Productions – part of Sony), as well as partnering a buy-in to the Chrysalis Television Group to help supply HBO in the USA with the provision of major European sporting events including Wimbledon Tennis. Blakey’s leadership and management skills have been integral to The Edge’s long-term success and play a key role in the ongoing success of the Zinc Media Group.