‘Putin vs The West’ continues on BBC Two

Brook Lapping has been commissioned to make two additional episodes of its critically acclaimed documentary series Putin vs the West. The programmes will follow the first three episodes of the documentary series – which explored Putin’s relationship with the West, from the invasion of Crimea to the brink of its wider invasion of Ukraine. The new episodes will cover the developing war and the response from the West.  

Putin vs the West: War (w/t, 2×60 min), for BBC Two, will again be produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker Norma Percy – renowned for making documentaries telling the stories of 20th and 21st Century crises by interviewing the Presidents and Prime Ministers who were in the room when the critical decisions were made. The commission further exemplifies Brook Lapping’s reputation as the go-to producer of documentaries that delve into important contemporary events. 

A co-production with Les Films d’Ici and ARTE France, Putin vs the West: War (w/t) will pick up where the series left off, telling the story of the first year of the war. They will show how President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s quest to secure support forced leaders in Europe and America to take tough decisions about how far they could go to back him without provoking World War Three.   

As the war deepens the fault lines between the West and ‘the rest’ – China and others in the Global South, the programmes will also look at Putin’s meeting with Xi Jinping in Uzbekistan to clashes at the UN and at the G20 summit in Bali, exploring how the Russian President has forged alliances which undercut even the toughest Western sanctions. 

The first three episodes of Putin vs The West are available on BBC iPlayer now.