Putin vs the West


Putin and the West will take us into the corridors of power to tell the inside story of a decade of political strife. Told in three hour-long episodes, and in trademark Norma Percy style, those who were in the room for the crucial moments will describe what happened, as each episode takes viewers inside national security meetings, summits, and top-level negotiations to understand what it is really like to deal with Vladimir Putin. Each episode will look at a different crisis - Ukraine 2014, Syria and the Middle East, and the current conflict with the West, up to the point of the invasion.

Norma Percy, Series Producer, Brook Lapping, says: “There is a huge global appetite for these types of documentaries, and our relationship with BBC Two in particular making landmark programmes like this, goes back decades. Once again, we will set out to show viewers what it’s like to be in the room when important decisions are made by top political aides, told in their own words.”