Dr Who: The Wilderness Years – BBC Radio 4

Celebrating 60 Years of TV’s most iconic Time Lord!

In the upcoming programme, ‘The Wilderness Years’, acclaimed broadcaster and culture historian Matthew Sweet delves into the fascinating era following the 1989 cancellation of the iconic series “Doctor Who” up until its triumphant return in 2005, starring Christopher Eccleston. 

This compelling narrative explores the unwavering dedication of Doctor Who fans who, through campaigns, novels, animations, audio dramas, computer games, and more, created a bastion of support to keep the spirit of the Doctor alive!

Produced by Brook Lapping Radio, this special is part of the BBC’s 60th-anniversary celebration of the legendary sci-fi drama, which also includes three new television specials set to debut on the 25th of November.

Mark your calendars for the premiere on Sunday 19th November at 4.30pm on BBC Radio 4. You can also catch it on BBC Sounds.