31 July 2018

Eight years ago, former Royal marine Arthur Williams realised his life-long ambition to fly.

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He now holds one of the UK’s 50,000 pilot’s licenses and is the proud owner of a tiny – and very yellow – aeroplane. Together, they’re off, on an amazing aerial adventure.

This is Arthur’s biggest challenge as a solo pilot. From the west coast of Scotland to the big skies of East Anglia, he’s tackling wind, mountains and the world’s busiest city airspace. And with the aid of a bespoke camera rig on his 1943 Piper Cub, we can follow his unique journey across the country.

Over four programmes, Arthur stops off at war-time airbases, stately homes and grass strips on remote islands – just some of Britain’s 900+ airfields. These airfields reveal stories, characters and an array of flying machines that have helped make a century of aviation history.

From mad-cap Edwardians, to multi-million pound fighter jets and a host of majestic vistas, this is a grand exploration of Britain in the air, and from the air, led by an inspirational adventurer who, after a life-changing road accident, doesn’t let disability stand in the way of boyhood ambition.

This four part season will start airing on Channel 4, Sunday the 5th August at 7pm.

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