Double-Talk, BBC Radio 4

19 March 2018

A conversational feature exploring the art of the dialogue,

Nikki Lilly Meets Jeremy Corbyn, CBBC

16 March 2018

Nikki Lilly meets Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party and jam maker extraordinaire.

Mind the Gender Pay Gap, BBC Radio 4

12 March 2018

Most people agree with the concept of equal pay, so why has it been so difficult to accomplish in practice?

Love & Drugs on the Street (Series 2), BBC 3 & iPlayer

11 February 2018

Highlights the complex backgrounds of women living on the streets of Brighton,

Nikki Lilly Meets, CBBC

08 February 2018

Nikki Lilly meets the UK Prime Minister Theresa May

Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb, More4

31 January 2018

In this More 4 series, three homeowners get to snoop around each other’s houses in the hopes of picking up tips on ways to improve their own.

Bargain Loving Brits In the Sun Series 3, Channel 5

25 January 2018

Fancy swapping the damp and grey of the UK for a new cheap-as-chips life in the sun?

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Second Chance Sex Offenders, BBC Three & iPlayer

24 January 2018

Stacey travels to Florida where sex offenders face restrictions for life.

Back to Vietnam, Radio 4

23 January 2018

Back to Vietnam being aired on 27th January at 8pm


The Medium is the Message, BBC Radio 4 & iPlayer

20 January 2018

‘Generation X’ author Douglas Coupland explores the ideas, sound and vision of 1960s media guru Marshall McLuhan,

Village Of The Year 2017, Channel 4

15 January 2018

Penelope Keith and judges – visit UK villages

The Wonderful World of Puppies, Channel 5

13 January 2018

Series 2 – 6pm

Nikki Lilly Meets…, CBBC

14 December 2017

Vlogger and baking ace Nikki Lilly meets

Dispatches: Al-Fayed: Behind Closed Doors, Channel 4

08 December 2017

Dispatches investigates allegations of sexual harassment

Zinc Communicate wins at EVCOM Industry Awards 2017

13 November 2017

Zinc Communicate won Silver at the EVCOM Industry Awards 2017.

The Children’s Traffic Club recognised at Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards 30th Anniversary

09 November 2017

Zinc Communicate attended the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards: 30th Anniversary Celebration on 9 November 2017, to mark the success of Children’s Traffic Club.

Hotel for Refugees, BBC 1

07 November 2017

Two worlds meet when a small Catholic town

Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough, BBC 3

03 November 2017

Eye-opening stories of the daily lives of women

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