Nicky Lilly meets Andy Murray, CBBC

28 June 2019

Nikki Lilly meets two time Wimbledon winner… Andy Murray.

The Trans Women Athlete Dispute with Martina Navratilova, BBC One

26 June 2019

Martina Navratilova’s tweet about trans women athletes sparked a heated argument.

Britain’s Breast Implant Scandal – Dispatches: Channel 4

24 June 2019

Reporter Abbie Eastwood investigates

BBC Panorama : The Race for Number 10, BBC One

After a bruising round of campaigning and vote-offs, there are just two candidates left standing in the race to be the next prime minister.

Nicky Lilly meets her dad, CBBC

17 June 2019

It’s Father’s Day and Nikki Lilly meets her number one hero…. her Dad.

Critical Incident, BBC One

10 June 2019

With attacks on emergency service workers on the rise,

Nikki Lilly meets Raheem Sterling, CBBC

06 June 2019

Nikki meets England and Manchester City’s goal machine, Raheem Sterling.

David Harewood: Psychosis & Me, BBC Two

16 May 2019

David Harewood had a psychotic breakdown and was sectioned in his 20s.

Queen Victoria: My Musical Britain, BBC Two

11 May 2019

To celebrate Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday

Brexit: Behind Closed Doors – Episode 1 & 2, BBC Four

08 May 2019

The untold story of the Brexit negotiations…

Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack, Channel 5

29 April 2019

Documentary series exposing the dangerous situations

Life After My Brother’s Murder, BBC Three

14 April 2019

Thirteen years after her brother was stabbed and murdered,

Nikki Lilly Meets Holly & Phil, CBBC

20 March 2019

Nikki Lilly meets the stars of the sofa, Phil and Holly!

Queen Mother : Episode 2 The Lost Year, Channel 5

15 March 2019

The death of George VI in 1952 turned Elizabeth’s world upside down,

Queen Mother : Episode 1 The Reluctant Queen, Channel 5

09 March 2019

Featuring testimonies from friends, former staff and royal experts,

Nikki Lilly Meets Jamie Oliver, CBBC

07 March 2019

Nikki meets the cool daddy of the kitchen Jamie Oliver.

The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great, National Geographic

04 March 2019

In this gripping investigation,

Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered, ITV

Exposure talks to MPs and Lords

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