Queen Mother : Episode 2 The Lost Year, Channel 5

15 March 2019

The death of George VI in 1952 turned Elizabeth’s world upside down,

Queen Mother : Episode 1 The Reluctant Queen, Channel 5

09 March 2019

Featuring testimonies from friends, former staff and royal experts,

Nikki Lilly Meets Jamie Oliver, CBBC

07 March 2019

Nikki meets the cool daddy of the kitchen Jamie Oliver.

The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great, National Geographic

04 March 2019

In this gripping investigation,

Exposure: Brexit Online Uncovered, ITV

Exposure talks to MPs and Lords

Single Mum and Proud : Who needs a man when you’ve got a spray tan, Channel 5

28 February 2019

Beauty vlogger Danielle faces an impossible decision over botox.

My Life I Will Survive, CBBC

08 February 2019

My Life ‘I Will Survive’ was filmed over the summer of 2018 and follows the life of Vlogger Nikki Lilly.

Greatest Chocolate Adverts of all Time, Channel 5

A look back at the nation’s favorite Chocolate adverts.

Skipping School, Britain’s Invisible Kids, Channel 4

04 February 2019

As the number of children leaving mainstream education in favour of home education doubles.

Paris Blue, BBC Radio 4

Jazz writer Kevin Legendre explores

Inside Europe Ten Years of Turmoil, BBC Two

28 January 2019

For the first time on television, David Cameron’s top advisers – including George Osborne and William Hague

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun, Channel 5

10 January 2019

Fancy swapping the damp and grey of the UK for a new cheap-as-chips life in the sun?

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