To Catch A Serial Killer with Trevor Mcdonald, ITV

20 September 2018

This new one-off documentary in ITV’s Crime & Punishment season.

Tate Liverpool at 30, BBC 4

14 September 2018

Comedian, writer and former art student Alexei Sayle returns home to Liverpool to assess the impact Tate Liverpool has had on the city, as the gallery celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Inside Alton Towers, Channel 4

23 August 2018

For nearly 40 years Alton Towers has attracted visitors to some of Britain’s most thrilling rollercoasters.

The Foreign Doctors are Coming, Channel 4

07 August 2018

From Egypt to Brazil, doctors across the world leave to train

The People’s Vet, Channel 4

04 August 2018

The People’s Vet follows the daily life of the PDSA staff

Prime Minister’s Props, BBC Radio 4

01 August 2018

Professor Sir David Cannadine explores political fame

Flying Across Britain With Arthur Williams,

31 July 2018

Eight years ago, former Royal marine Arthur Williams realised his life-long ambition to fly.

Going Viral, iTunes

22 June 2018

Join the ‘disease detectives’ Mark Honigsbaum and Hannah Mawdsley as they investigate the most devastating pandemic of all time:

The Wonderful World of Puppies, Channel 5

16 June 2018

Documentary series of a dog’s-eye view of life.

Nikki Lilly Meets Gary Lineker, CBBC

08 June 2018

Nikki Lilly meets up with Gary Lineker ahead of the 2018 World Cup to share some homemade pies, discuss his sporting history.

Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley, BBC One

04 June 2018

2018 marks 100 years since the first women over the age of 30, who owned property, were allowed to vote in the UK.

The Voices in My Head, BBC 3

22 May 2018

Around 1 in 10 adults hear voices in their heads as a result of one of a number of mental illnesses, including Schizophrenia.

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