Zinc Communicate Work Experience Programme - Closed to March 2018


Our commitment

Our work experience programme offers you the opportunity to work in a dynamic, digital communications agency. Zinc Communicate is a ‘change making’ agency, creating content with immaculately crafted storytelling and campaigns to engage, educate, inspire with impact.

First-hand experience can help you to develop qualities that may influence your future career choices.

A placement with us will contribute towards your employability through growing your knowledge, competencies and skill set as well as helping you to develop a range of transferable skills and confidence in a workplace environment.

Duration: 3 weeks


The Experience

Our Work Experience Programme will give you experience across our different departments: account management, digital design and development and film production.

Candidates will benefit from shadowing staff, observing work, joining in where appropriate.

You will have a hands on experience supporting client services, learning about our content development processes and contributing to the production of exciting, interactive digital communication programmes for our clients.

Candidates should have some understanding of Zinc Communicate’s work and demonstrate an enthusiasm for digital communications and creating campaigns with a positive social impact.


Who you are

You will have BTEC Level 2 or above qualification, in one of the following:

You have a positive, proactive and enthusiastic nature.  You’re a natural team player who is eager to learn and make the most of this opportunity. You will have a strong work ethic and use the placement to contribute to our business, and in return we will give you a broad experience in creative content development.

Click the following button to download the application form. Please send it along with your CV to

Click the following button to download the application form. Please send it to

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